How to beat a speeding ticket in NY

How to beat a speeding ticket in NY

Speeding Tickets · Traffic Tickets

If you received a New York speeding ticket or traffic ticket we have some bad news for you. Being convicted of a driving-related offense can lead to:
1. Points on your New York license

2. Significant fines and surcharges

3. An increase in your auto insurance premium

In addition to producing the results you need, you can have the attorneys to handle the entire process for you in just three easy steps:

1. Hire our law firm;

2. Send us your ticket or court notice and signed authorization to handle the ticket on your behalf;

Sit back and relax while we do the rest!

You know that in most cases if you hire him, you won’t even need to show up in court? Avoid the hassle of the time involved in appearing in traffic court and missing work or other important times in your life by hiring an New York traffic lawyer with skill and experience.

His clients value not only his top-notch service but also the fact that he achieves results. He helped numerous individuals just like you fight their New York traffic tickets and driving-related crimes. In fact, even if your license is suspended, he may be able to help get your driving privileges reinstated and your freedom to drive restored.

In addition, as a client of The Isaac Abraham, your case, no matter how small, will be given top priority. Call on his toll-free number and you will speak directly to an attorney — that’s right — no secretary to give you the run around. If our attorney is in court and cannot answer his phone, leave a voice mail and your call will be returned in short order. E-mails are also checked regularly and responded to promptly.

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Court tomorrow or even today? Don’t worry; he takes last-minute New York traffic ticket cases, so if your court date is fast approaching, call him now.

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Are you aware that when you put a check in the mail with your traffic ticket that you are pleading guilty to the offense that you are charged with? Many people fail to realize that, much less consider what it really means. Even minor offenses can result in unforeseen consequences Accumulating 11 points or more on your driver’s license in an 18-month period can result in a suspension of your driving privileges. What you may consider to be a simple speeding ticket can be the first step toward losing your driver’s license.

Radar Gun Readings Can be Inaccurate

1. Radar Waves Spread

First, similar to a flashlight beam, the radar unit’s wave widens as it gets farther away from the radar unit. Because of this effect, whenever there is any appreciable traffic the radar is detecting vehicles other than that of your client.

2. Distortion by Nearby Objects

Second, large objects such as buildings, billboards, large trucks, and heavy vehicular traffic distort the wave and leads to an artificially high speed reading for the target vehicle. Consequently, an officer cannot tell exactly which vehicle is speeding in the flow of traffic without first visually estimating and only then confirming his visual estimation with the radar.
For example, in the case of People v. Snight, the arresting officer testified that he visually estimated the defendant’s speed prior to switching on the radar unit. This visual estimation, which preceded the radar confirmation, led the court to rule that [i]n light of this corroborative evidence, any perceived deficiency in the radar evidence is of no consequence.”3 Relying solely on the radar unit’s reading would be insufficient to prove the people’s case beyond a reasonable doubt, which is why it is so important to discredit the visual estimation in the first instance.

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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